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New and unique system for measurement of 2D & 3D deformations using sophisticated optic fibre sensors.

Who are we and what do we do?

As a company our goal is to innovate and make the environment safer. How do we do that?


Meet the inventor: Dr. Paolo Persi del Marmo


FibreSecurity specialises in measurements with fibre optic which are applied in various fields of engineering, with the aim of offering its customers targeted technological solutions of the latest generation.


With the patented "OF" system, FibreSecurity presents NTSG to a new market of technology. With this unique and highly sophisticated technology, the stress condition and other physicochemical can be measured. 

FibreSecurity is providing very innovative monitoring systems using sensors in microfibre which can measure stress, vibration, deformation, corrosion, weight, pressure, temperature, electrical current, chemical spills, etc.


The main focus is its applications in the building, construction (bridges/tunnels) and watersector.



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