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The "OF" system, a system used by us


This system is a tool to measure the deformations of an object of any shape and of rigid/semi-rigid kind.

"OF" Systemis able to measure deformations in space and in plan, providing information on compression, elongation, deformation, load, torque, pressure, displacement, vibration, corrosion, inclination and temperature, of the object under examination.


The system uses:

  • Fiber optic cables of reduced dimensions (250micron/6mm);
  • Passive sensors created within the optical fiber;
  • Technology that does not suffer and does not produce electromagnetic interference;
  • Signal transmission over long distances (100 km) with no significant power losses.



  • The data collectng instrument can be placed at a long distance (km) from the monitoring  area, without reducing the measurement accuracy;
  • Up to 100 sensors can be installed, in series, on the same fiber;
  • To monitor a structure a significant reduction of the wiring amount is required. 



  • It has a high sensitivity;
  • Possibility of being fitted in composite materials, due to its small size;
  • Sensors are passive. They do not produce and are not affected by electric and magnetic fields



  • Optical fibers;
  • No signal loss;
  • Up to 100 sensors can be connected to one fiber only;
  • Immune from weather conditions;
  • Low maintenance costs

The "OF" technology is the most ideal pieces of technology when it comes to our company.


The OF system, a system used by us
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